Each online lesson is about 4 hours long. 

The amount of time you spend on a lesson will vary depending on how much time you spend working though the accompanying lesson questions in the course books and reviewing lesson material. That said, the online lesson videos are designed to be flexible and fit your schedule, so you can complete them at whatever pace works best for you.

You can complete a lesson in one sitting

Just be sure to take breaks and take as much time as you need to feel confident in your understanding of the concepts covered.

Or you can pause a lesson and return later on.

Lesson videos automatically save your progress, so you can see which videos you have already completed, and where you left off.

Since each lesson is split up into several videos, it's easy to stop at the end of one video and pick up with the next one whenever you are ready. 

On each lesson page, you can tell which videos are in progress, or have been completed by checking the progress bar at the bottom of each video thumbnail. Once you complete a video, a grey overlay will display on the video thumbnail. 

The check mark that appears when you hover your cursor over a video thumbnail allows you to manually mark that video as viewed.

The circular arrows allow you to mark that video for review, and will put a red overlay on the video tile, reminding you to come back to it!

On the Lessons Overview page, each lesson displays a progress bar, so that you can see which lessons are complete and which ones are still in progress.

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