Drills are like a warm-up. 

They are comprised of non-LSAT questions written by your favorite Blueprint instructors, and are designed to be a quick review of recently-covered material. The goal of the drills is to help get you thinking about the concepts that will be included in that lesson's homework. 

We provide a timer on each drill to keep you moving, and allow you to see how much time you have left to make your answer choice.

Drills focus on strengthening your understanding of core curriculum concepts. Don't worry if you can't complete them all quickly! They are there to help reinforce the lesson material and supplement the homework.

As you work through the drill, there will be answer explanations that help you to review. If you answered incorrectly, your answer choice will be red. The correct answer will be indicated in green. 

Answer explanations will not show during the drill for questions that are answered correctly, but these can still be reviewed after you complete the drill. Just open the completed drill in review mode to check them out!

Drills are great for when you're on the go and just want a little practice when you have a spare minute (in line for groceries, waiting for an Uber, in an elevator avoiding awkward eye contact . . . whenever!).

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