You can take exams either online in your MyBlueprint account or on paper!

To take an exam online - 

Click the Take Exam Online button below an exam.

You will see this lovely warning screen preparing you for the exam to come. Click on the Info button in the upper right corner of the warning screen to review how to take an exam using the online interface!

** Once you begin taking an exam online, you must complete the exam in the online interface. **

To take an exam on paper - 

You will need:

  • the exam and an answer sheet
  • a timer or watch
  • a small snack
  • a place to work in peace (such as a library)
  • a good three-and-a-half hours

This is the drill:

  1. Give yourself 35 minutes per section, and make sure you stop at exactly 35 minutes. It's okay if you don't finish the section, just put your pencil down.
  2. Complete the first three sections of the exam without taking any breaks.
  3. After completing the third section, take a 10-15 minute snack/bathroom break.
  4. Finish the remaining exam sections without taking any breaks.

Ready to score your exam? Click here for info on how to score an exam!

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