So much that we need bullet points...

In class you'll get - 

  • A phenomenal LSAT instructor who scored in the top 99th percentile on the LSAT
  • Sixteen lessons outlining the best approach to every type of question on the LSAT
  • Six live proctored practice exams

On top of all that, you'll have a MyBlueprint online student account featuring - 

  • Full-length lesson videos for all in-class lessons and workshops
  • Three online clinics that cover advanced concepts on each section of the LSAT
  • Interactive drills and adaptive homework
  • Fourteen extra exams to practice with
  • Exam scoring with analytics to track your progress
  • Customizable practice sets
  • Explanations for every LSAT question
  • Access to our proprietary Law School Compass
  • Three workshops to review material that you learned in class 

Your class experience wouldn't be complete without all the fixings, which include - 

  • A score increase guarantee so that you can rest assured you will raise your LSAT score or receive a full refund
  • A classroom manager to help track your progress
  • Three Blueprint textbooks and access to every LSAT question legally available to license (that’s over 8,000 questions!)
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