Because we're the best. 

Jokes aside, chances are you won't find another LSAT prep company quite like us. 

Our methodology is comprehensive and intuitive.

We dedicate all of our time and energy to making our methods as intuitive as possible. One example is the way we categorize question types. Rather than using a numbering system like other companies, we categorize questions based on their function. So we won't make you wrack your brain to associate letters and numbers with a question type; you'll just quickly identify the question type based on the prompt and be on your way. 

Our tools and adaptive curriculum set us apart.

Our website and app have awesome features like adaptive homework and customizable practice sets. The adaptive system is unique to Blueprint, and it is built to intuitively respond to your performance, so it adjusts to your personal prep pace. For instance, if you are acing the questions, our adaptive homework will feed you harder ones to practice with. The result is that you get a completely unique course that is perfectly tailored to you.

On top of that, our detailed analytics will give you a breakdown of your performance after each homework section, and you can use that information to create your own custom practice sets, focusing on the areas you need the most work on. You can even adjust the difficulty level of the questions.

And we provide you with hundreds of hours of question explanations in video, audio, or PDF form, so that you have plenty of material to review your work with! 

Our instructors rock.

We hire only the cream of the crop. Just to be considered, our instructors must have scored 170+ on an officially administered LSAT and we only hire the top 5% of instructors who apply. They undergo 188 hours of training in total, including 70 hours of personal training with our founders. In the end, it's whether or not they can make us laugh while teaching LSAT prep's core concepts that distinguishes the good LSAT instructors from the best LSAT instructors.

We believe that engaged students learn better.

One of the biggest differences is our "edutainment" philosophy. We designed the curriculum to be edgy, saucy, and snappy, and we hire instructors who know how to crack a joke. It's our belief that students who actually enjoy the learning process will be more engaged, learn the material on a deeper level, and score higher. 

And our 11-point score increase average proves it.

Every couple of years, we conduct a score increase study for our classroom courses. Our students consistently see double-digit score increases, with 11-points being the average across all of our classroom courses. We're that good.

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