Blueprint Online Anytime uses the exact same curriculum as our live classroom course. 

Unlike other on-demand options, you do not get a condensed or watered-down version of the course. Lesson videos in Blueprint LSAT's online course are taught exclusively by veteran Blueprint instructors, which means that you will learn the same effective methodology as our live class.

Blueprint Online Anytime also comes with our adaptive homework system, which no other LSAT prep program has. 

It is built to intuitively respond to your performance, so it adjusts to your personal prep pace. For instance, if you are acing the questions, our adaptive homework will feed you harder ones to practice with. The result is that you get a completely unique course that is perfectly tailored to you.

We believe online learning should be flexible.

That's why we offer our online course on a monthly subscription plan basis, which gives you control over how much time, and how much money you dedicate to your LSAT prep.

We believe that satisfied students do better on the LSAT.

That's why we offer a ten day satisfaction guarantee, which gives you ten days after you enroll to try out the online course. If you don't feel that Blueprint LSAT's online course is the right fit for you, you can request a refund within these first ten days and we will honor it, no questions asked.

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